Appling v. Doyle

I was pleased to hear that Wisconsin’s 4th District Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court in Appling v. Doyle today. Announcement of the decision was put off a day by yesterday’s blizzard.

The crux of the court’s opinion was this: “The same-sex domestic partnerships created by the legislature are substantially different than marriages because, among other differences, domestic partnerships carry with them substantially fewer rights and obligations than those enjoyed by and imposed on married couples. … As the circuit court explained, it would ‘take pages’ to list the rights and obligations that go with marriages but not domestic partnerships. The circuit court provided a subset listing of 33 items. It is not necessary to list that many here to demonstrate that, regardless of the precise meaning of the term ‘substantially similar,’ the rights and obligations of marriage are not substantially similar to the rights and obligations of domestic partnerships.

Appling v. Doyle has never been anything other than a political show, put on by Wisconsin Family Action and the Wisconsin’s Republican leadership, wasting Wisconsin’s judicial resources on nonsense.

Julaine Appling, who heads up Wisconsin Family Action, will, of course, appeal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

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One Response to Appling v. Doyle

  1. Michael says:

    Interesting that the Republican leadership in Wisconsin, which can’t find the funds to pay public employees, is able to find the money to fight things like this in court. One wonders what this case has (and will) cost the taxpayers when all is said and done. Perhaps the Wisconsin Family Action folks are going to pick up the tab?

    Another question some people may ask: Is the Wisconsin Family Action substantially similar to a hate group? Not making any accusations, just wondering out loud.

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