The Weather Channel and the Weather

The Dells hasn’t made the national weather news since the 2008 storm that drained Lake Delton, but we’ve got Mike Seidel, a Weather Channel reporter, embedded in town today.

Of course, I don’t need to be embedded, so I can can skip the Weather Channel and look out the window, or go outside.

It is 10 am and we are through the first half of the storm, and waiting on the second half to arrive.

Draco is typical of strong winter storms in Wisconsin, in the sense that Draco can be thought of in three waves. The first wave, running ahead of the storm, has about half the snow, which typically comes down in light to moderate winds. The second wave is a brief quiet spell as the low passes, with snow dropping off to flurries and light winds. The third wave is the one in which all hell breaks loose, dumping the other half of the snow accompanied by high winds, blowing and drifting snow. The National Weather Service is predicting blizzard conditions furing the third wave of Draco, so we’ll have a blow from noon to midnight.

We are through the first wave, with about 8-9 inches of snow, and are coming to the end of the second wave. I took the opportunity to get out with the snow blower during the second wave, which is coming to an end, snowblowing the driveway, walks and parking areas, working for an hour and a half, starting about 8:15 and coming back in about 9:45. The cuts the work that I’ll have to do tomorrow by about half.

The good news about blizzard conditions, if there is any, is that the snow that comes during the third wave, the blizzard wave of a storm, is generally light stuff, because the temperatures drop as we get to the back end of the storm. It won’t be too much work, I hope, to clean up tomorrow morning.

In an hour or so, the third wave will come through and we’ll be toast until around midnight. The winds are picking up outside, and Wisconsin Department of Transportation is expected to close I-90/94 from Tomah (45 miles to our northwest) to Madison (45 miles to our south) and maybe all the way to Janesville (45 miles south of Madison) this afternoon.

So it looks like Mike Seidel, the embedded Weather Dude from the Weather Channel, will be with us for a while. Luckily, he’s broadcasting from the south end of Lake Delton, and has Denny’s, Famous Dave’s, Culvers and several other restaurants at hand. So we don’t have to worry about him starving.

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