The Artist’s Touch

The White House Christmas card came in the mail the other day, this year featuring a jaunty Bo-Bama playing in the snow on the South Lawn.

The image was painted by Iowa artist Larassa Kabel, who contributed the oil portrait for the card.

Yesterday the mail brought a collection of Bo-Notes, notecards featuring Bo-Bama in various poses in and around the White House. The Obamas are stuck on Bo, from the looks of things.

What was interesting, though, was that one of the Bo-Notes was a photograph that looked very much like the White House Christmas Card. I checked it out, and sure enough, the illustration on the card was based on the photograph.

A comparison of the two is a great example of the artist’s touch.

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One Response to The Artist’s Touch

  1. Josie Delmonico says:

    Hi Tom,
    Retirement and married life look good on you. I was just thinking of the “good ol’ days” and wondered what you might be up to. Hope you are well.
    I am on long term disability for another year. I had a very minor stroke that took my ability to concentrate and preform my job, much to my boss’ delight. After a year of trying to prove I was slacking off, I was put on disability. It took me about 4 months to prove that I really had a problem and now after a grievance against my boss for harassment, I was awarded with a win and a promise that the UC would never hire me again. after 32 years of service.
    It is not so bad though. Still see a Psychiatrist every week and am working on getting back to work. I see the light more often that I used to.
    Don’t know how often you are in Chicago, but if you are, give me a call. We can have coffee. I live in West town near some really great restaurants and bakeries.
    glad to see you are so happy. Peace, Josie

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