Our 15 Seconds of Rain

Wisconsin Dells is getting its 15 seconds of rain as we speak, a sprinkling that will evaporate in another minute or so. It looks like there might be more serious rain just to our south, which is sorely needed. It doesn’t look like the crops in the immediate area will survive much more of this — no rain and temperatures in the upper-90’s — but maybe the crops in other areas of the county will.

Fire hazard conditions in our entire area are “extreme”, and the DNR has issued emergency burning restrictions in which all outdoor fires — including smoking outside and using grills — are banned. All fireworks have been canceled, and the railroad is running diesel, not steam.

I walked out into the woods over the weekend, and it was tinder dry. The oak leaves on the ground crunched to dust as I walked over them.

The ten-day forecast does not call for a significant chance of rain through mid-July, so we are in a fix.

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One Response to Our 15 Seconds of Rain

  1. It’s done nothing BUT rain for the past few weeks here- with the occasional break for a couple of hours mid-week. I wish I could package half of it up and send it to you all because we’re getting flooding in our area!!!

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