Junk Mailers

The political junk mail is coming early this time around. We are about three weeks from the August 9 election and I got three mailers today. If this is the way things are headed, I’ll have to put in a bigger mail box just to hold the stuff.

The strangest mailer today was something from “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, Inc.” It is a four-page full-color spread addressed to me “or current resident” and urges me to “VOTE by absentee and elect the candidate who stands with Wisconsin gun owners and sportsmen”, but it doesn’t identify any candidate.

The glossy purports to be a “Recall General Election 2011 Official Absentee Ballot Request” but the application itself carries the careful notation “This is not and official form by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.” I’m told to send my application to the “Absentee Ballot Application Processing Center, PO Box 413, Waunakee, WI 53597-4013”.

I don’t know much, as my kids often point out, but I know better than to fall for something like this …

I wonder who these folks are, who is funding this and why, and why in the world they sent it to me, of all people. I’m one who always votes, but I don’t see how I fit into whatever profile they are targeting.

I’m a gun owner (liberal that I am, I keep only four guns in the house), but Wisconsin does not register guns so there is no record that I own guns. I haven’t had a hunting license in years (sitting on my ass out in the cold isn’t for me, at my age, anyway). Although I’ve voted absentee a couple of times, I just go over to the town hall and vote in person when I vote absentee.

I suppose my name came off one of the right-wing mail lists. I get a lot of political junk mail and junk calls, so I guess I fit in somewhere.

In any event, I suppose that this is legal, but it doesn’t sit well with me. The “Step” missing on the list in the mailer is the step where United Sportsmen of Wisconsin says that they will do something with the application other than toss it in the circular file with a laugh. It seems to me that anyone who would trust their vote to a group that doesn’t take things seriously enough to undertake to process the an application is three times a fool.

I’ve half a mind to scan this thing and send it to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

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