Helen stopped by for the day, looking for a chance to vegetate for a day after spending a couple of weeks in Chicago helping to care for her mother, who had heart surgery and is having a slow recovery.

We looked around for a project and settled on recovering the couch cushions and pillows, which had definitely gone trailer trash on us over the last couple of years.

It took us the better part of the day, between finding material and sewing, but I think it looks good. The cats don’t know what to make of it.

The couch (known as a “Texas Settee” or something like that) was the first grownup furniture Helen and I bought, years and years ago. We got it on clearance at Marshall Fields for about $2,000, as I remember. The frame is cherry and it stood up to a lot of pounding. I’m glad it is still serviceable.

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  1. Michael Dodd says:

    It actually looks great, better than the photo which does not capture the color or the sueded texture of the cushions. Instant upgrade to the living room! Thanks, Helen!

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