John came up yesterday to make arrangements for a week Monday, when we have the lumber for another thousand-plus ties being delivered.

The lumber – 3 1/2 by 6 inches – comes in 8-foot long bundles that weigh about 5,000 pounds, well beyond our Bobcat’s capacity, so we ask the owner of a neighboring business, Waterman Log Crafters, to donate the use of a large skid loader and operator to do the job, which takes about a half hour. The business’ owner, Andy Waterman, is a good guy and he always helps us out, saving us a bundle that we can’t otherwise afford.

Gil was at the railroad, and he and I and John got the scooter, “Speedy 1”, started and revved up for the summer. Boys being boys, once we got it started, we decided to head out down the track and see if we could get to Western Springs.

Not so much. After about the tenth snowdrift we shoveled our way through, we took a look down the track and realized that we’d be at it all day. So we headed back, tails between our legs.

I’ll got over later in the week and see if things have changed.

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