Double #^!@%^*!!!

I pulled out of the driveway tonight, headed to Baraboo, and the “ABS” light went on, accompanied by a “ABS Fault” message. I drove the truck to Larson’s, which is on the way to Baraboo, and made an appointment to have the truck looked at on Saturday.

Driving out of the lot, headed out for Baraboo again, the brake system started to sound like the ABS was on and pulled to the right. I drove right back in, left the truck.

I got a call a few minutes ago. The left front hub is out, along with the ABS sensor, and the repair, which will be completed on Saturday, I hope, will be $750.

Wheel-less and out-of-pocket, that’s me.

And I’ll bet PBS is having a fundraiser tonight.


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