Not much …

Michael and I spent a relaxed weekend, doing nothing much …

I spent Saturday morning with the Sauk Dems, helping out with this year’s strategic planning. I was on the local party’s Executive Committee for four years, serving as First Vice Chair and Membership Chair, and the party’s custom is to invite retiring officers to help out with strategic planning the year after they leave office. The session was well run, productive, and most importantly, ended on time.

Meanwhile, Michael caught up on shopping, so that we have food again. His morning was probably, truth be told, more useful than mine.

We went to the library in early afternoon. I had a couple of books to turn in, and wanted to get another to read over the weekend, so we wandered by and spent about an hour. And then, after an hour or two at home, it was on to Reedsburg for Mexican food.

NASCAR had a good race on television Saturday night, so Michael headed off to blog or whatever while I watched the race.

Today we headed to Baraboo for a Habitat for Humanity fund raiser, which was fun if low key. We both think that Habitat for Humanity is worth supporting. I helped build housing in Chicago some years back, but I haven’t done that in the Dells, yet, and I probably won’t. I’ve gotten to the age where tossing sheet rock around doesn’t line up too well with my physical capabilities.

We stopped at Menard’s to pick up a couple bags of ice melter, which I use at the railroad, in anticipation of yet another snowfall coming in on Tuesday. I dropped Michael off and went over to the railroad to make sure that we were set up for the snow, and knocked around a bit.

Sunday night, of course, was Super Bowl. Luckily, Michael and I had a meeting at a local church to attend, so we missed all of it except the last 5 minutes of play.

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